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3 Ways to Cope with Injuries as a Bboy/Bgirl

1. Focus on Other Aspects of Your Dance

While you’re recovering from an injury, you can use the time to focus on other aspects of your dance that don’t put stress on the injured area. For instance, since my shoulder is injured, I can’t train up my floats.

I feel like this is a sign from the universe telling me to focus on the other aspects of the dance such as musicality, threads, freezes, footwork, and all that jazz.

I mean, I don't want people to just see me as “that UFO guy”.

I’m definite

How to Start Freelance Copywriting for Bboys and Bgirls

How to Start Freelance Copywriting for Bboys and Bgirls Starting out as a freelance copywriter with no experience can seem daunting, even more, if you plan to write for the Breaking industry. However, with the right approach and commitment, it’s definitely possible. But it’s quite hard to “break” into since there’s no demand for it. Well, maybe the Breaking community just doesn’t realize it yet.

As a freelance copywriter for 3+ years, I’ve written copy for various e-commerce brands — particular

How ChatGBT Made Me Want to Quit Writing

How ChatGBT Made Me Want to Quit Writing

In the last few months, I’ve been on a full-time job search for a writer since leaving my full-time last November. I officially started my hunt on Feb 2023 after traveling to Taiwan, the Philippines, Macau, and a camp trip on a faraway island based in Hong Kong.

I thought it won’t be too difficult to find another full-time writing job with my credible amount of copywriting experience throughout the years.

Until someone mentioned this to me.

For those

Why I Decided to Become a Non-Smoking Bboy (Breakdancer)

Why I Decided to Become a Non-Smoking Bboy (Breakdancer) If you know me on a personal level, you probably have seen me smoking cigarettes, rollies, e-cigarettes, or some sort of smoking device throughout the years. Should be around 10 years actually. A full-on decade, damn. But in 2023, March 15th was the last time I smoked a cigarette and March 17th was the last time I used a vape. And it wasn’t just for money or health reasons to fulfill my B-boy dreams.

On March 2023, I missed out on the ico

I Never Liked English Literature Until I Wrote This Poem

I Never Liked English Literature Until I Wrote This Poem In 2017, I was forced to take an English Literature course during my college days. Here’s the catch: I hated Engish Literature. I didn’t care for Shakespeare or any other poet during the medieval times. However, I needed to pass this course in order to get the credits — so I worked hard anyway. Or at least I tried to. For the final course assignment, students were tasked to create an English Literature portfolio based of a theme of their c

The 1 Creative Hack that Eliminated My Writer’s Block

The 1 Creative Hack that Eliminated My Writer’s Block You’re writing your uni essay that’s due in two days. You’ve spent literally zero hours on it because you were grabbing drinks with your homies, binging on Netflix, or procrastinating — which led to more drinks and Netflix binges. All you got is a beautifully white Word doc on your computer screen with absolutely zero ideas popping up in that brain of yours. And the answer is not more drinks, surprisingly.

An Artist Quoting the Documentary Q

Why I’ll Never Master Anything, Willingly

Let me backtrack a little so y’all can understand how this question popped into existence.

The answer may seem obvious but the story behind it blew my f*cking mind.

Let me ask you this,

During my lunchtime, I would usually listen to a podcast — preferably related to Breakin, fitness, or personal development. If I’m sick of hearing “life advice” or “inspirational stories” then I’ll switch to a podcast where they talk a lot sh*t or make insulting jokes.

I’m looking at you, Andrew Schulz.


4 Easy Gymnastic Ring Exercises for Bboys and Bgirls

A few weeks ago, I posted an Instagram reel doing Ring Muscle Ups (RMU) and explained why I decided to utilize gymnastic rings. People have asked me throughout the years how did I get bigger, stronger, and leaner from gymnastic rings alone. First off, I ain’t that big, strong, or lean. I honestly drink a little too much to get the “dream” physique I subconsciously desire. But I believe I know a thing or two on how gymnastic rings can help you out — especially if you're a b-boy or b-girl. If you

3 Life Lessons I Learnt on my First Solo Trip

3 Life Lessons I Learnt on my First Solo Trip In the first week of November 2022, I decided to make a trip to the island of Taiwan. It’s been almost three years since I’ve traveled since the pandemic commenced, so I was exuberant to just get the f*ck out of Hong Kong. Initially, I wanted to head to Taiwan to visit and train with one of my dance inspirations who currently lives in the countryside of Taiwan, Chiayi. However, I thought this would be also the perfect opportunity to embark on my firs

Follow Your Dreams — Or at Least Try

Follow Your Dreams — Or at Least Try

We never know when’s the end.

When will some of us wake up to the harsh reality that we only got

There’s no life respawn like in a Super Mario video game.

Suffering for dreams that we didn’t fabricate into existence,

only to benefit those who took THEIR life’s ultimate risk.

I think I know mine. Or at least a direction?

We all got a purpose, but not all the answers.

So how can we follow our dreams?

If we don't even know what’s our dream?

I wish I co

Imprisoned in Hong Kong’s Covid Isolation Facility

It was 10am on a Sunday morning. I was getting dressed for my friend’s engagement party when suddenly I felt a sore throat. I assumed it was nothing and maybe I just drank/smoked a little too much during the previous days. Either way, I wanted to test myself with one of those self-testing covid RAT tests — just to be safe. I didn’t want to present my newly engaged friend the gift of covid. I definitely would not be invited to his wedding if that went through.

The first two days were horrendous.

Being a Third-Culture Kid in Hong Kong

Being born and raised in the urban jungles of Hong Kong was always a mystery to me. Like why was I selected to be placed on this earth, specifically in Hong Kong? It doesn’t help growing up as a third-culture kid too.

Alright, I know I’m starting out a little strong here.

The American sociologist, Ruth Useem, coined the term “Third-Culture Kid” in her study of expats living in India back in the 1950s. Useem wanted to focus on children whose parents had immigrated to India for career purposes i

The Life of a Freelance Copywriter for 2+ Years

The Life of a Freelance Copywriter for 2+ Years It all started at the end of 2019. I just graduated from the University of Wollongong (Hong Kong Branch) with a Bachelor's in Communication and Media studies. Before I embarked on my job hunting quest, I continued to work at my part-time rock climbing job for a while. I wanted to start anew when 2020 arrived. Well, at least that was the initial plan. In 2020, the global Covid pandemic took the world by storm — with Hong Kong being one of the first

How Boring Businesses Survive as the Fittest

How Boring Businesses Survive as the Fittest

In our daily life, we pass by multiple businesses that look plain and simple from the outside — but are high in demand and profitable. Vending machines, car washes, and bookkeeping are just some of the services that are dull yet lucrative businesses in our society. Without these boring businesses, life would definitely be harder to navigate through.

Another feature of why boring businesses are popular investments is due to their passive income natur

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T U L U M E S S E N T I A L S Founded in 2019, Tulum Essentials is A Bohemian luxe jungle based menswear label. Inspired by the founder's own Around the world experience, art living lifestyle & extreme sports heritage and passion for minimalistic fashion an alternative path has been found, turning Tulum Essentials into a well-respected creator of authentic ready-to-wear beach garments. The menswear label is known for being affected by bohemian art living styles incorporating these influences int

What are Pro Soles and Street Soles?

What are Pro Soles and Street Soles?

If you've been following Dyzee Threadz for awhile, you would know that there two types of outsoles we created specifically for Breakin'. Some of our first-time buyers get confused on the differences between the two — but look no further!

Here are the benefits of Pro Sole and Street Soles and the differences between the first-ever insoles tailored to the art of Breakin'.

Let's say you practice all the time on linoleum. But when you enter the battle, you not

Dyzee Threadz Collaborationz

Dyzee Threadz envisions a world where Breakin becomes a self-sustaining industry for generations to come. Our founder Karl “Dyzee” Alba went from launching the first Breakin judging system to pioneering a Pro-city business model for Breakin crews to make an actual living.

On top of these accolades, when he received the opportunity to create the first-ever Breakin sneaker company — he knew it was an offer he couldn’t refuse. Not only he was genuinely passionate about delivering world-class sneak
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