About Me

As a communications specialist for over 3 years, I've written copy and created content for various industries: retail, e-commerce, streetwear, sustainability, blockchain, and more. 

Outside of writing, you will probably find me on the streets Breakin (breakdance) or working out with my gymnastic rings.

Every day I talk to people who are committed to what they offer to their clients — delivering high-quality copy and providing solutions.

They all have the same challenge — finding the right words to reach the right target audience. And once they do, how do they progressively build ongoing trust with customers and exert influence?

It all comes down to storytelling. How to connect with people through words that people can relate to and benefit from. My expertise is the ability to understand your target audience and produce copy that brings your business to the next level.

When you need a professional, creative, reliable, and fast-thinking storyteller, I’m your guy.

I specialize in content writing, landing pages, web copy, copywriting, content creation, and video scripts.

Ready to get to work?